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Belnap & Brown Physical Therapy has one purpose in mind, to get you back to 100% as fast as possible so you can get back to enjoying your life to the fullest. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our patients come in with varying ailments and leaving feeling like a new person with a big smile on their face. Here are some of the success stories from our past patients. We look forward to adding you to this long list of satified customers soon.

"Physical therapy—the healing art that can enable patients to reach their own individual potential for health. At Belnap & Brown Physical Therapy the qualified staff have been marvelous to work with, both as caregivers for my own patients and for myself. Thorough in evaluation, correct in recommendations, and professionally skilled in administering therapy, all done in a truly caring environment."

-Richard P. 

"My active lifestyle would not be possible without Belnap & Brown Physical Therapy. My whole life revolves around staying active whether Im playing basketball, going to the gym, running, boating, snowboarding, riding dirtbikes etc. I'm so thankful to have found a place that treats my injuries and helps me to prevent future reoccurences. Very professional staff from top to bottom and a wonderful experience. Thank you so much!"

-Jeff T. 


"When I first came in to Belnap & Brown Physical Therapy I was in a lot of pain and was on crutches. Jeremy worked with me and soon I did not have to use the crutches. He is very professional and very good. After 1 week the pain was gone. I am so pleased at how well I feel. I would recommend Belnap & Brown Physical Therapy to my family and friends. Thank you so much Jeremy and all of the staff, I appreciate all of you!"

-Doris M.


"Thanks to the staff at Belnap & Brown Physical Therapy, I have gone from extreme sciatic pain to no pain! Their knowledge, compassion and humor have made the process enjoyable. Hopefully I will not have this problem again but I would not hesitate to use their services and would definitely recommend them to my friends and family." 

-Linda E.


"My sciatic nerve was giving me trouble when sitting and I would have to get up constantly and walk around. Now I have been the exercises like they council me and it has helped me. I am now doing so much better!"

-Heward M.


"Rigor mortis was setting in too early. A worsening scoliosis contributed to a pronounced limp. Musculoskeletal pain, tingling from an old injury, spasms; all interrupted sleep. Stationary objects seemed to move at random. Feeling queasy was a daily experience. Stumbling, staggering, falling happened too often. Fear of falling became as bad as the actual (and serious) falls. About the time I was ready to make major changes to a simpler lifestyle, a wise doctor referred me to Belnap & Brown Physical Therapy at the Regional Hearing and Balance Center. The experts at the Center created a program to help me, literally, rebalance myself. These good folks are teaching me…through fun techniques… survival skills for life. The skeletal deformity is not going to go away; however, I am learning to compensate in positive ways so that it no longer compromises my quality of life. I am most grateful to the professionals at the Regional Hearing and Balance Center for their kind and patient assistance."

-J. Lowry


"I usually thank people who have helped me, but this thanks should be shouted from the highest hill, “Thank you Bryant Belnap and your professional, loving, caring staff.” My hobby of being a tri-athlete was over because of my balance disorders. I couldn’t walk my dog short distances without getting double vision. I had fallen several times. My neurologist referred me to Belnap & Brown Physical Therapy. We started my exercises, which seemed like child’s play, but I do them on and off all day. I practice my balance exercises 2-3 times per day. I have watched myself get better. I’m writing this letter with a smile because today I walked my puppy 7 miles with no double vision and great balance. What a wonderful way to spend my 67th birthday!"

-Denise M.


"About ten years ago I began having neck pain and it had gotten to the point where I was having chronic neck pain, headaches and dizziness. My doctor referred me Belnap & Brown Physical Therapy. They were able to help me understand what triggers my pain. Through neck school, biofeedback, and therapy, I am recovering; and with time I feel I will be able to do daily activities without pain or discomfort. I wish I had met Bryant and his staff ten years ago."

-Angela J.


"I wanted you to know that when I went back to see my doctor, I impressed him. He said, "For a woman your age, this is quite a remarkable recovery." I thanked him and then told him how grateful I am to you, my friends at therapy, who helped me with encouragement and sharing your knowledge. I know it is your job, but how do I adequately say thank you to people like you. I will sing your praises wherever I can."

-Barbara R.

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We are considered balance experts and are the only physical therapy clinic in Southeastern Idaho that utilizes the NeuroCom® Balance Master® Systems which are specifically designed for vestibular rehabilitation

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